Virtual or personal private lessons
tailor-made for you! 

Have you always wanted to do a private yoga class and deepen your understanding of yoga and your body?

Or are you a beginner and need a simple, clear introduction to yoga?

Would you like tailor-made training or coaching?

Here you can book me as a personal yoga teacher for a personalized yoga session - online, or at your home or in my Yoga space in Berlin. The goal of this personalized training is to develop your very own yoga practice that is tailored to your needs, so that after a few sessions you can practice without my instructions.

So, it really is worth it! 


Every level, beginners and advanced are welcome to request private sessions. In a free, 15-minute preliminary talk, you can get to know me and discuss your needs, physical limitations or objectives with me.

If you would like to book personalized yoga classes for your office, or business team, please send me an inquiry by following the link below. 

Energy work, advice in crisis situations and informative sessions on the subject of Vedic philosophy are also available.

Register for Online Yoga Classes

How does a personal online session work?

If we don't know each other personally yet, first book a free preliminary talk with me. This way, we can find out which type of yoga suits you best. Then you can either book a package with several private lessons or just a single session with me. The first hour will take place virtually, but live at your home. Download one of these applications to your mobile phone or computer: Zoom Call, Skype, or Whatsapp. The applications are compatible with all common operating systems and free of charge. If you want musical accompaniment or to get you in the mood at the same time, you can always make a playlist from my Spotify account!


With Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp I will come straight to your home!

. . . and then all you need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

We meet virtually and practice together. Using the video function of the Zoom Call, Skype, or Whatsapp applications, I can make corrections to your postures, demonstrate exercises for you or suggest deepenings and alternatives for your yoga postures.

Try it! It works better than you think!


Virtual private lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced students. People with physical injuries or limitations, as well as traumatic stress are also welcome.


The classes can be booked for a maximum of 3 people and are offered in the



I offer packages and coachings including stress reduction and mindfulness for companies and teams. Treat your employees to a break with meditation, yoga and stress-reducing mindfulness exercises! Please send me a request following  the link: