Online yoga packages for
individuals or teams


Why and how you benefit from an online package 

We are currently spending a lot of time at home. This applies to both company employees and private individuals. Getting together for yoga is especially helpful in these times!


We do something for our bodies together and take a healthy break from the home office during the lunch break - for example with a juicy yoga flow. And we can end the days together with a relaxed Yin Yoga session. This gives our day structure and creates a good mood! With the help of a regular yoga practice, back pain can be cured, but also concentration and general well-being are increased.


With one package deal, all live classes can be attended unlimited. The package gives private individuals a cost advantage, companies can use the package and make it available to all of their employees in a flexible manner.


Personalized private lessons are also available as a package and discounted. If you would like to request personalized solutions for your company, please send me an email!